Tematické konference


17. 10. 2018, kino Ponrepo, Praha

konference o výzkumu a spolupráci na poli studia obrazu a vizuální kultury

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“Na prahu nové doby” – mezioborová konference o počátcích Československé republiky

26. – 29. 10. 2018, Praha

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The Present and Future of Electronic Music

14. 11. 2018, University of Central Lancashire

Electronic music was once seen as the future of music. Is this still the case? Is the very term ‘electronic music’ useful in industrial and academic context? And if so, what differentiates today’s electronic music from non-electronic music and are these differences between these two types of musics likely to remain in future? Pokračování textu

Popkongress 2019 Popular Articulations – Articulations of the Popular

14. – 16. 2. 2019, Universität Passau


Musical Cities: Music, Historiography, and Myth

7. – 10. 3. 2019, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Balancing The Mix: A Conference on Popular Music and Social Justice

30. 3. 2019, University of Memphis

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