June 4–12, 2018, at FHS. prof. David Verbuč, with guest professor Luis-Manuel Garcia (University of Birmingham). Registration on SIS by March 4!

Music and youth cultures: theory and ethnography of music „community“ 

The purpose of the summer school Music and youth cultures, with this year’s thematic focus on “community,” is to provide students with necessary theoretical and practical tools for the study of youth cultures, scenes, and communities. The lectures will focus on theoretical issues, and on selected case studies dedicated to the following concepts and phenomena: community, subculture, scene, social intimacy, liquidarity, social interactions at music events (audience participation), boundary-making activities (subcultural capital), organizational aspects, and material and discursive dimensions of community-building and community-sustaining efforts of music youth cultures. Moreover, substantial part of the class-work will concentrate on methodological questions, and practicalities of fieldwork research as related to the study of music “community.” Furthermore, summer school activities will not only include class work, but also interviews with local music participants, field trips, and participant-observation at local music events.

Lecturer: David Verbuč (PhD in ethnomusicology). Contact: david.verbuc@fhs.cuni.cz More info at: http://fhs.cuni.cz/FHSENG-670.html. Classes are taught in English!