Tuesday 17:00 - 18:20, FHS (Veleslavín), José Martího 31, Praha 6

The power of cultural representation: from film, media, and MTV, to art, museums, and ethnography

Representation, as a form of verbal and non-verbal communication, is at the core of what constitutes culture (cf. Stuart Hall), which is why it is also of a central concern to cultural and social anthropologists. Moreover, representation not only ‘communicates’ information, but also affects thought and action: it can affect minds and bodies of individuals, as well as shape public opinion, political decisions, laws, social hierarchies, and discriminatory practices. Students have an opportunity in this MA course to study various theories of representation, as well as to engage in a practical analysis and deconstruction of diverse representational discourses as related to issues of race/class/gender/sexuality/nationality/ideology in film, media, news, music video, music performance, art, science, museums, political rituals, sports, and ethnography. Classes are based on weekly reading and writing assignments, in-class presentations, and a final paper (art piece on photo: Fred Wilson, “Mine/Yours”).

Lecturer: David Verbuč (PhD in ethnomusicology). Contact: david.verbuc@fhs.cuni.cz  More info at: http://fhs.cuni.cz/FHSENG-670.html.  Classes are taught in English! Students can also take other courses thought by David Verbuč during the Summer 2018 semester: Introduction to musics of the world, and Music and youth cultures (general intro course).