TOTÁL TOTALITNÍ PÁRTY – about Ostalgia in Saxonia and Moravia, Stefanie Schroeder

The Ostalgia Phenomenon was quite a big thing some years ago in former eastern Germany. Ossi-Partys, DDR-Museums and Ost-shops seemed to spring up like mushrooms – especially in the small town and village areas a number of sometimes quite improvised looking museums and bars celebrating the ,,old days“ were opened. Those places are not that much a scientific approach to clear up history or to teach the visitors. The hard facts about dictatorship are left out or turned into irony. Its a celebration of ,,cult“ objects and common memories linked to them.

I was interested if this kind of ,,Ostalgia“ also exists in Czech Republic- and stepped by chance into a ostalgia party in Brno. The visitors celebrating ,,like in the good old times“ were just born when those times were over.




„STALINGRAD“, Žďár nad Sázavou


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